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Mazatapec Mushrooms

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Another great psilocybe cubensis mushroom from Mexico is this strain picked around Mazatapec Mexico. For those of you into the spiritual side of mushrooms, we are sure you will enjoy this magic mushroom a lot. It is well known that magic mushrooms from Mexico tend to deliver a very powerful spiritual journey. In nature, the Mazatapec magic mushrooms tend to colonize a little slower them most other psilocybe cubensis strains.


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Mazatapec Mushrooms

Mazatapec Mushrooms is hardy classic cubensis strain from deep in southern Mexico. The Mazatapec is sought for it’s spirituality from within. An aggressive, rhizomorphic mycellium is another characteristic of this strain. Another good choice for the beginner. The Mazatapec also has the tendency to be an abundant fruiter.Colonization temperatures 84/86 degrees F. Fruiting temperatures 74/78 degrees F is optimal.


The Mazatapec strain was found in Mexico. It is an easy mushroom to grow and one of the most resistant. Its caps stay partially closed. Although these mushrooms grow somewhat slower than the other cubenses, they are definitely worth trying! The spiritual adventure is prominent in this shroom strain.  Users report an energetic yet meditative feeling with a general body buzz that gives way to frequent open-eye visuals, featuring lots of colours, shapes, pattern morphing, and sometimes auditory hallucinations. As the trip goes on, some users describe a loss of ego that can be humbling and awe-inspiring, and others have reported experiencing the unlocking of long-forgotten childhood memories.

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3.5g, 1g, 7g, 14g, 1 Ounce

1 review for Mazatapec Mushrooms

  1. 5 out of 5

    Had about 2 grams and experienced some really beautiful and bright visuals. I would definitely buy these again!

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