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Blossom Diamond Disposable Vapes | 1.0 ml

The Diamond is a disposable oil pen by Blossom. It is inhale activated, and the bottom lights up upon inhalation. It is single use and once the mouthpiece cap in place it can not be re-opened. This pen is ideal for someone who wants maximum simplicity. Fill it, use it, toss it.




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    Blossom Diamond Disposable Vapes

    Blossom Diamond Disposable Vapes or Oil Pens are a special breed of vape pen battery, and certainly worth trying out. They offer a few benefits over other oil pens. In regards to charging, tasting, and sharing products. The look and feel is sleek and presentable, and they are incredibly affordable.

    The Blossom Diamond uses its disposability to help with its stealth. It’s one of the most discreet vape pen batteries around. The small appearance of the Diamond vape pen appears as an e-cig. Once capped, it cannot be reopened, making it look different than other vape pen batteries.

    They don’t require charging, since they are disposable. But does have a charging port at the base in case of prolonged usage. The battery in the Blossom Diamond is inhale activated, and will last as long as the oil is in the pen. Although they are not re-usable or rechargeable, they can usually be recycled when finished. Just drop off an empty Blossom Diamond with any other empty battery for battery/electronics recycling.

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